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The n00b corner: rookie shit

This past weekend, the n00b brewed his sixth batch of beer, this one a honey blonde ale in honor of his daughter's first birthday coming up next month.

Miss Wee n00blette

But despite his modest and growing experience, the n00b retains his uncanny capacity for glorious disasters, as evidenced by his latest experiment.  You may recall the folly of my first bottling attempt, when most of my bottles failed to pressurize.  Finding myself down to the last bottle of my first homebrewed beer, I decided to call a Hail Mary.

Merry Christmas, sucker!

Having received a brand-new SodaStream from n00b Sr., I thought to myself, "Hey, I could totally put the fizz back in this beer!"  I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story:

...So there you have it, kids.  Always remember to fizz the water first, then add the flavor.

And as always: drink safe, drink well,

-the n00b


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