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Gone fishing....

I'm not dead but for the next few months I will not be able to post to the site. the N00b and the Tassie Beer Doctor may well keep posting in my absence however.

The reason is simple: I'm entering my final year of a GradDipPsych and need to get really bloody good marks so all distractions are being limited. My Facebook account has been deleted, my brewing has been busy of late so I don't have to worry about planning brews during the academic year, and I've even negotiated time off work to accommodate my studies. This coupled with a young family means, for now at least, something has to give.

 On the other hand, when I do return I've got things to share like a great new yeast harvesting device working amazingly well, a killer chiller build, the source code for my combrewtor written to ver1.0 and my oast box build went without a hitch - so it's ready to dry the masses of East Kent Goldings and Pride of Ringwood hops that are growing outside the brewery right now!

If anyone is interested in taking on the EcoFV conical fermenter project email me and we can come to some arrangements. I have had positive discussions with a plastics molder and have a verbal agreement for national distribution in place that I'm willing to discuss with the right person.

See you after the exams...
I'll be the guy with bags under his eyes and a large cold beer in hand ;-)


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